How to Hide and Show Apps on Samsung Phones

How to Hide and Show Apps on Samsung Phones

Previously, someone needed to root their Samsung phone to hide apps. Now that’s possible without doing it. You don’t even need to install a third party to hide apps on your Samsung phone because the feature is already there. Are you wondering how to hide apps on your Samsung Galaxy handset like S series, Note, M, and A series? Find the answer in this post.

Whether you want to hide dating apps like Tinder, games like PUBG, or social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, etc., the following built-in methods will come in handy. We’ve also mentioned a few more methods for hiding apps. Check them out at the end of the post.

Let’s get started.

How to hide apps from home screen and app drawer on Samsung

The Samsung Launcher comes with a built-in feature to hide apps from your home screen and app drawer.

Here are the steps to hide apps using Samsung Launcher:

Step 1: Touch and hold an empty space on the home screen. Select Home screen settings at the bottom. Alternatively, open the app drawer and tap on the three dots icon at the top. Select Home screen settings.


Step 2: Scroll down on Home screen settings and tap on Hide apps.


Step 3: Select the apps you want to hide by tapping on them. For example, I have selected WhatsApp. The selected application will appear at the top. Tap Done to confirm.


What Happens When You Hide Apps

When you use the above method to hide apps on your Samsung phone, the apps disappear from the home screen and app drawer. However, they are not uninstalled. So the app will still appear in search. You will also get notifications from hidden apps. To turn off notifications for apps, head to Settings> Apps. Tap on the app name and open Notifications. Then, turn off notifications.

Hidden apps will also appear on the Recent apps screen if you are using them. To remove an app from the Recent apps screen, swipe away. That brings us to the next question – how to use hidden apps (more on that below).

How to use hidden apps on Samsung

After you hide apps from prying eyes, you must be wondering how to use hidden apps without showing them. There are several ways to use hidden applications.
Method 1: From Search

Open the app drawer on your Samsung phone and tap on the Finder search bar. Type the name of the app that you are hiding. Tap the application icon to open the application.


Method 2: From Settings

Go to Settings> Applications. Look for the app you have hidden. Tap on it. You will see an Open icon. Tap to open the application.


Method 3: From the Play Store

Open Google Play Store on your Samsung phone and look for hidden apps. Tap the Open button under the app.


How to Show Apps on Samsung

Follow these steps to show apps on Samsung launcher:

Step 1: Open Samsung Launcher settings. For that, use the app drawer or directly from the home screen. In the previous method, open the app drawer and tap on the three dots at the top. Select Home screen settings from the menu. Or, long touch on an empty space and tap on Home screen settings.


Step 2: Tap on Hide app under Home screen settings. You will see a list of hidden apps at the top. Tap an app to remove it from the list of hidden apps. Finally, tap Done to save your changes.


After you show the app, it will appear in the app drawer. You will have to manually place it on the home screen if you want.

More Ways to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones

Method 1: How To Hide Apps From Home Screen Only

This method allows you to remove apps from the home screen only so they aren’t visible right away. To do so, touch and hold the app icon on the home screen that you want to hide. Select Remove from Home. The app icon will only be hidden from the home screen. It will still be visible in the app and search drawer.


Method 2: Add Application in Folder

Create folders in app drawer after deleting apps from home screen. Name boring or obscure folders like settings, pre-installed apps, etc. Then add the apps that you want to hide in this folder.

Or, put some ordinary applications in a folder. Once the folder reaches the maximum number of apps that can be placed on the first page, start adding the apps you want to hide. The idea behind this is that the person must first open the folder and then swipe through the application list to see hidden applications. Rarely, someone does that.

Let’s Hide Apps

If the above method doesn’t work for you to hide apps, then you should check out another simple way to hide apps on all Android phones, including Samsung. You can even use third-party launchers with built-in support for hiding apps.

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