How to Double-tap Your Status Bar to Quickly Turn Off Your Screen on Android – No Need to Root

How to Double-tap Your Status Bar to Quickly Turn Off Your Screen on Android - No Need to Root

Some popular ROMs and popular root mods allow you to double-tap the status bar at the top of the screen to put your phone to sleep. It pairs perfectly with a double tap to awaken the movements that you will find on almost all Android phones. But if you are not rooted, you will be glad to know that you can finally do this by installing a simple application.

This new application is from Tom Bayley, the developer of the Bottom Quick Settings. After it is configured correctly, when you touch the status bar twice in succession, the screen turns off. It’s not faster than the power button, but it is a virtual touch interaction rather than a mechanical click, so this is more similar to the way you normally interact with the device and there is a little wear on your cellphone.

1. Install the Super Status Bar

Super Status Bar is a free application on Play Store that allows you to adjust the status bar in a way that was previously only possible through root and custom ROM. Use the link below to install the application on your mobile.


2. Activate Permissions

When you first open the application, after going through the initial setup page, you will reach the main menu with the “Start” button. Press this button to begin the process of activating the application.

On the “Permissions” page, select the first switch, and on the new page, select “Super Status Bar” and activate the switch. Do the same for the second switch. When finished, on the main page of the application, the “Start” button will be replaced with “Stop,” which indicates the application is running.


Try the features

By default, the application activates this feature, so go ahead and test it by tapping the status bar! The screen must be turned off, and you are good to go.

But as you might have noticed, this is a much more powerful application than just a movement driver. You can fully status bar themes and change any icon, you can add brightness adjustment gestures, and you can even restore the notification ticker from Android 4.4 KitKat days.

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